How to say the vowel in “You Too”

Sometimes students make the vowel in “you too” tense. This vowel needs to be relaxed and long. To make this vowel, just open your mouth slightly. Your tongue as well as the rest of your mouth should be completely relaxed. The other important thing about this vowel is the end of it; at the end of the sound, pucker your lips slightly. Only slightly. All these words have this vowel sound:

soon students move to new school
do you to Rubik’s Cube too
knew blue mood food

Here are those words in sentences:

Soon the students will move to the new school.

Do you know how to do the Rubik’s Cube too?

She knew he was in a blue mood and brought him some food.

Often, especially in informal situations, the words “to” and “do” are reduced; the vowel is only started and is very short.